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Open Access Research in Anatomy is the branch of biology and medicine that studies the structures and function of living things, as anatomy deals with the structure and organization of the living organism. OARA mainly focuses on contributions that help in understanding development, evolution and function through a broad range of anatomical approaches. This journal mainly deals with the association of clinical necessitates to anatomical studies with a unique adaptation in selectivity and choosing from numerous international works. OARA aims to publish scientific reports connecting the functional and biochemical aspects of the external and internal characters with its micro anatomical organization. This journal mainly concentrates on studies which combine pharmacological, micro anatomical, behavioral and biochemical approaches. OARA main goal is to serve surgeons, radiologists, clinicians, regardless of specialty, physicians or other specialists as an indispensable aid with which they can improve their knowledge of anatomy and publish original papers. OARA Journal cordially accepts all original research papers, review articles, short communications, mini- reviews, opinions, letter to editors, commentary, etc.

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