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Open Access Research in Anatomy

The Pandemic: COVID-19: Our Personal Opinion Based on Experience

Tiwari GN* and Arvind Tiwari

Bag Energy Research Society, Ballia (UP), India

*Corresponding author: Tiwari GN*, Bag Energy Research Society, Ballia (UP), India

Submission: October 01, 2020 Published: October 30, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/OARA.2020.02.000539

ISSN: 2577-1922
Volume2 Issue3


In this short note, we have made an attempt to find out ways to avoid COVD-19 by improving immune system especially older people. All suggestions discussed in this note are based on our personal survey among our family members, relatives, friends and local personal. We have also made a recommendation to increase the immune system without involving any financial commitment from individual one.

Keywords: Immune system; COVID-19; Healthy and longer life

Background and Introduction

Yes, we are not a either health expert or medical doctor but a former Professor, IIT Delhi, India. Our late father, Shri Bashisht Tiwari was not an educated person but have a lot of experiences about good health of a human being. He had a good interaction with many people like allopathic/homeopathic/Ayurvedic doctors in Varanasi. Based on his experiences about health, quite long time back, he gave us a few tips/advices from time to time through writing letters. His advices are as follows:

i. Sun bath: As I understand, one should take free sun bath early in the morning before 8 am to have vitamin-D. Sun bath not only helps the body to absorb vitamin D naturally but also help in good sleep, stronger bones and boosted immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is common among one billion people globally. Solar energy from sun provides energy to all living organism to sustain ecology, environment and climate [1]. Those countries are very fortunate to have sufficient solar energy like India otherwise one has to create artificial solar energy, like Sweden etc.

ii. Warm water: One should use warm (54 and 71°C)/at least fresh underground water for drinking/washing/bathing if freely available. Drinking water, hot or cold, keeps your body healthy and hydrated. Consuming hot water maintains healthy body and hydrated including in improvement of digestion; relieve congestion, and promotion of relaxation in comparison with cold water drinking. The warm water can also be obtained by using various solar energy devises [2,3].

iii. Physical activities (Exercise): Exercise means the movement of body as per age. It helps your muscles work along with burning of your calories, weight loss, increase of energy level, good sleep and longer life etc. Most beautiful movement of body can be seen in newly born baby in presence of solar energy in the morning. No one tells them about movement of body, but they do for their need automatically. Simple physical activities include morning and evening walk, running, cycling, swimming, playing any desired games, dancing etc. Only due to physical activities, labor class people have less health problem in comparison with others.

iv. Parents and senior citizen: Parents (father and mother) give the birth of their children and they take care of us since they conceive as god takes care of all of us. They play important role in growing, walking, physical movement, good food, etc. in childhood and do hard work to meet the requirement of financial and career development for our best future along with happiness with good mental, physical, and social activities. So, one should be proud to have living parents with us which are the most precious gift given by God to us. It is also well known that the peace of mind helps to control many health issues including happy life, low tension, normal blood pressure and longer life etc. To achieve this, one should take care of living parents if possible and senior citizen/elderly people at least behave with them with good words.

v. Inner thoughts: The conscious experience of an individual human being should be regarded as a continuous positive inner voice and ideas running through the self-mind. It should be as maximum as possible. It gives peace of mind for longer life.

After following above points without spending any money, one should have good health, sleep and digestion of consumed food. If any one of them is not working properly then consult Doctor. After finishing Ph. D from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, Dr. G.N.Tiwari joined Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) under mentorship of Prof. M.S Sodha in the year 1977 and started research work in the area of Solar Energy as per his advice and working till now. Personally, we worship Sun daily because all living organism including human being on the planet earth is only due to Sun. Sun is most powerful planet in universe and provides free energy to mankind for better life so one should understand. One has to be realized this fact as early in the life for living with happy life.

Now come on about COVID-19. As we have stated earlier that all points which we have discussed, is our personal opinion based on survey among our family members, relative and friends. As we understand all viruses are available in our body in the form of plasma. This plasma automatically controls/maintains positive and negative viruses. So, our immune system becomes strong enough.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Now to make immune system strong enough to dominate any external natural/artificial virus particularly COVID-19 inside body, in addition to above points, we should practice the following additional points without investing any money:

i. Consume one leaf of holi tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum/ Basil ) if possible, with small gur (jaggery) in empty stomach in the morning if possible. It can be grown in small pot at home. It has many medicinal properties which includes the strengthen of the stomach and helps in respiratory diseases and kidney stone if required.

ii. Also take one fresh leaf of neem (Azadirachta indica) at any time preferable in the morning. It is available in plenty over the world. Neem leaf consumption controls many diseases in advance such as stomach upset, heart and blood vessels, eye disorders, intestinal worms, skin ulcers, fever, diabetes, and liver problems etc. The leaf is also used for birth control and to cause abortions. In rural India, people used to teeth brush by using neem stick early morning and it helps to increase immune system due its nature of antibiotic.

iii. Do comfortable exercise with your choice with respect to your age. For this, one can see the activity of newly born baby.

iv. Clean your surrounding and living space.

v. Take fast breath in clean environment preferably early morning.

vi. Make habit of doing your personal/physical work at home as well as in office .It is routine practice in developed countries.

vii. Minimum dependency on the products which is prepared by using fossil fuel to have clean environment and sustainable climate. Instead one can use as maximum as possible renewable energy product to full fill of any need.

viii. One should prefer to live near nature.

ix. Exercise and walking should be combined together.

x. Help other mankind and ecological system without any return to have peace in mind.

xi. Encourage people to keep their surrounding clean.

That does not mean that I am against any allopathic medicine preferable surgery of any kind. If one follows above points, then we need to minimize allopathic medicine with maximum good health and minimum expenditure. This adoption also helps to sustain clean environment and climate. One should note that during the production of allopathic medicine, there is lot of chemical wastage which pollutes soil/river (water)/environment (air) etc. For good health with longer life, there is no doubt that one needs clean air, water and healthy food along with clean energy. I am practicing most of the above mentioned point regularly since year 2000. One has to decide about their individual good health. It took only one hour per day and save time (many hours) and travel (save petrol/ diesel) to reach required doctors and hospitals.


I am thankful to our late parents and mentor Prof. M.S. Sodha for their valuable input given to us for good health.


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© 2020 Tiwari GN. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially.