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The journal editors abide by the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines for addressing any ethical issue that may arise. There are best practice recommendations which are not mandatory for the editors to follow and there is the mandatory Code of Conduct outlining General duties and responsibilities of editors.

General Duties and Responsibilities of Editors

  • All the published content in the journals is the sole responsibility of the editors
  • Ensure that the needs and requirements of the readers and authors are met through constant endeavors
  • Efforts are taken to check the quality parameters of the journal and ensure the procedures are in place to check on it
  • Gives high value to the freedom of expression and always maintains integrity
  • Never anticipates commercial considerations jeopardize the intellectual and ethical standards
  • Readily available to publish content on corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies if need may arise
  • Readers needed to be informed who had sponsored the research work and their exact role
  • The decision to accept or reject a manuscript for publication is purely based on the editor’s decision taking parameters such as importance, relevance, validity of the research, and clarity into consideration
  • The description on the peer review processes and published guidance is provided to the authors; any deviation from this will be properly communicated with them and appeal against editorial decision is explained
  • The reviewers are instructed to treat the submitted material as confidential and are always reminded to review in privacy
  • Seeking assurance from the researchers that the research has been approved by Institutional Review Body and Research Ethics Committee; however, such approval doesn’t guarantee research is ethical
  • After seeking advice to resolve the alleged misconduct by the author, if the problem still persists, the editor shall persuade the employer or the appropriate body such as the National Committee on Research Ethics and Integrity
  • The editors must ensure all the published articles are properly and permanently archived in databases such as PubMed etc.
  • The editors must ensure that the publishers abide by the laws of intellectual property rights and conventions and not to breach them by any means
  • The editors must have policies and systems in place as the commercial considerations not to affect their decisions and should have declared policies on publishing sponsorship supplements in the journal or any advertisements in the journal

Best Practice Guidelines

  • Always be open to receive the comments, opinions from authors, reviewers and editorial board members for improving the journal’s procedures
  • Keeping them updated with the developments in the peer review process and in accordance with the new findings publishing and asserting the journal’s procedures
  • Steps to curtail on practices of any research and publication misconduct
  • Constant support in educating researchers about good practices in publication ethics
  • Keep track of the way the journal policies are influencing the author and reviewer behavior and accordingly revise policies encouraging responsible behavior
  • Reflecting the message of the reported article through any press releases and put it into perspective
  • Make it certain that the published reports, reviews of research and statistical analyzes have been carried out by competent individuals
  • Identifying the portions which are not peer-reviewed and advocating the usage of appropriate guidelines, checklists and processes to ensure accurate, complete and clear reporting
  • Adopting good authorship practices, avoiding guest authorship works and promoting transparent policies for disclosing non-research articles
  • Sufficient information passed on to the readers to educate them that all the published articles received an unbiased, objective evaluation

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