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Article Publishing Charges (APCs)

Our publishers offer free, unrestricted access to the scholarly information all those who are in need. Crimson Publishers is a Gold Open-Access publisher. Our efforts to ensure quality service which includes number of steps such as editing, proofreading, quality check, web maintenance, plagiarism check and many more aspects. The Article Processing Charges (APCs) justify the tedious work that is involved in it before any manuscript is accepted for publication.

Why does Crimson Journals charge article processing fee (APF) for publishing in its journals?

Crimson Publishers cover the cost of journal production, web hosting, CMS, database, online repository, archiving, peer review, editing, open access publication, and modest publication fees borne by the authors. The articles published in different journals are full text journal and available in PDF, XML versions. We are stand-alone organization and do not receive any funding from any institution/government. The functioning of the journal is supported by the funds received in the form of publication fee received from the authors. The charges meet the expenses of our employees, salaries, internet services, electricity etc. The journals of the Crimson publishers do not receive payments from subscription as they are available open access. A peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted manuscript which is ready for publication made available open access and print-enabled version requires processing charges. We also have minimum handling charges for a manuscript for the accepted manuscript. The publication fee is paid through different channels and we will send the confirmation of the payment receipts once the payment is made. Hence, the APCs are paid by the authors or research institutes or funding agencies on behalf of the authors.

Country Others Review (RW) Case Report (CR) Research (RA)
High Income Countries $999 $1299 $1599 $1999
Middle Income Countries $749 $1110 $1349 $1729
Low Income countries $633 $849 $989 $1110