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Author Guidelines

The authors are advised to follow below guidelines

  • The Author ensures that the research has been conducted responsibly and ethically with adherence to all relevant regulations. Every precaution is exercised in carrying out the research meticulously and possible appropriate procedures for analyzing the data must also be taken care of. It is the sole responsibility of the Author for his/her work and the published content. The Author follows up with the whole process of publishing promptly and reports all the methods and findings employed in it are reported without any fail. The statistical data, the way the data is presented, font script needed to be attended well.
  • The authors must maintain utmost transparency in disclosing the relevant details in executing the research such as financial assistance, procurement of equipment, any assistance with analyzing statistical data, and writing assistance. The research sponsor promptly given credit for exactly during which stage of the research they have supported (eg: design, execution, analysis, interpretation, reporting). The monetary considerations and relationships that might influence the research findings are properly reported to the editor, the reviewer, and the research sponsor. In disclosing any conflicting interests, the authors must follow the journal guidelines.
  • Providing appropriate authorship and acknowledgement is of paramount importance.The authorship of research publications gives due credit to individual contributions. The less substantial contributions are restricted to acknowledgement section. The authorship criteria are supplemented by the journal editors themselves, should conflict arise the authors are deemed final authority. The guidelines for the attribution of the authorship and the acknowledgement should be promoted by the research institutions. The author refrains from accepting gifts or any practices of false attribution of authorship for the sake of gift, money and fully avoids encouraging any ghost authorship. The corresponding author is the first point of contact between the journal editor and the other co-authors keeping them updated with the publication process.
  • If any errors or omissions detected after the publication, the author is expected to cooperate withthe editor or the publisher. The authors should not ask for the authorship in exchange with sharing any relevant material, however proper acknowledgement is expected. Any post publication comments, the authors should respond appropriately. The integrity of the research and reporting are the sole responsibilities of the author. All the authors are expected to be familiar with the reported work and principles laid out in the journal guidelines must be followed.
  • When the authors research work involves humans and animals, the reports regarding the prior approval and licensing from Institutional Review Board, Research Ethics Committee approval, national licensing authorities for the use of animals. Upon request from the editors, authors must produce copies of approvals, licenses and participant consent forms. The authors must not share or generally publish the identifiable information without the proper consent from the participant. It is the ethical responsibility of the author to publish the research findings of the clinical trials.The researcher produces the research protocols with the request from the reviewer and the editor when needed. The trial registration number arising from the clinical trials also needed to be mentioned in the publications. The authors are bound by the Creative Commons Attribution License Policy of Journal publications.
  • The authors following the publisher’s requirements must ensure that the manuscript under consideration not submitted for the publication before.The editor is notified if the Author wishes to withdraw his/her work from review or chooses not to respond reviewers’ comments, however is expected to respond to reviewers’ comments in a professional and timely manner. The authors must respect the press embargos requested by the journal and refrain their research findings to be reported elsewhere other the journal for publication.
  • Any violation from the journal guidelines leading to fabrication, misinterpretation or inappropriate data manipulation should be avoided. Any modifications in the research images causing misunderstanding also should not be practiced. If an article which has been published but found to be violating the journal guidelines, might warrant retraction with or without the approval from the author. The reports on the research should not omit any inconsistent results that do not comply with author’s interpretations. The authors if they find any errors in any submitted, accepted or published work they must inform the editors. The publications must include study limitations. Appropriate permission and acknowledgement is given before reproducing any copyright material. Relevant previous work done by the researchers is acknowledged and referenced. Any data, text or ideas initiated by the other researchers should be properly acknowledged. The authors should present copies of relevant publications to the editor and primary publication should be referenced when multiple publications arise from single publication. Relevant copyright conventions and permissions must be respected and the authors should seek permission from the publishers before republishing the original work.
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