Q1: What does Open Access mean?

A: It is free online access to research content published in journals across the world. The content is peer reviewed and goes through many quality checks to ensure rightful legitimate research work is published and made accessible to millions of people for free. Essentially if you go through our website, you will find various articles categorized into scientific journals that can be read online for free.

Q2: I would like to submit article. What can I write about and what kind of manuscripts do you publish?

A: On our website there are many journals with articles ranging from Medical, Clinical, Life Sciences to Pharmaceuticals. You may choose a topic or journal based on your expertise and write within that scope. We accept content in the form of research papers, survey findings, perspective articles, case reports, short communication, surgeon reports, editorials and thesis manuscripts.

Q3: I’m having trouble submitting an article. How do I proceed?

A: Re-start the process. Visit the Journals page on the website, and send your manuscript to the email ID mentioned there or submit your manuscript online by clicking here. All you have to do is fill in all the relevant fields, upload your manuscript and then click on submit. If you’re still facing problems during submission, contact us on info@crimsonpublishers.com

Q4: What is a peer review system?

A: A quality checking system where members of the scientific academia hired by us will review your manuscript before it is presented to the Editorial Board for a final review and decision on publishing.

Q5: How long do we take to publish a manuscript?/ How long is the review process?

A: All accepted manuscripts are published within 7-9 days from the date of submission based on type of content, editor availability, which journal the article belongs to etc.

Q6: How and when will I know if my manuscript is accepted or rejected?

A: Considering the hard work you have put into your manuscript, we work very hard to understand your case and if we reject your manuscript, you shall receive an email from us explaining why we rejected it and often time we also provide constructive feedback on how to improve the content wherever possible. We may even accept the revised article you submit after incorporating the changes suggested by the reviewer/Editorial member.

Q7: How to apply for financial aid to support my research article?

A: To have a financial support contact our Editorial manager and apply for Grant here.

Q8: What is the word/page limit for articles?

A: There is no word limit ad page limit on articles submitted.

Q9: When is publication fee charged?

A: The fee is due for payment on receiving an acceptance email from us for your article submitted for review

Q11: How do I track my paper?

A: Contact the concerned Editorial manager of our Journal through emails to track the status of your paper.

Q12: How do you choose editors and reviewers?

A: We hire professionals from various scientific backgrounds to review research work and apart from that we get members who have contributed to our journals to review content that is within their scope of expertise and understanding. This process is called peer review.

Q13: What are my roles as an Editor?

A: The major role of Editor is to aid our journal through reviewing the articles and to know more click here.

Q14: What benefits will get if I am a reviewer?

A: Based on your contributions and efficiency in reviewing the manuscripts there is a chance to serve as a prominent member of the advisory board/Editorial board.