In today’s world content is consumed on various devices ranging in size and screens resolutions. To ensure you can comfortably read our scientific journals on all of your devices, Crimson Publishing introduces EPUB, an open file format that combines the readability achieved by PDF with the flexibility of HTML giving readers the comfort of easily flowing content. With EPUB you benefit from the seamless transition between different types of content, be it video, audio or illustrations, without the worry displacement and breaks. Since the EPUB is an openly accessible format, there are no restrictions, giving publications the liberty to use it for the benefit of their readers. Readers can download articles from a journal of their liking and add to an e-reader or any other device of their liking.

For scientific authors and academia with complex research articles, papers and manuscripts, EPUB is the perfect platform to publish your work. Crimson publishing invites you to publish your work on our EPUB platform and help your work see the brighter light of day in a seamless format that gives your readers both, the quick look satisfaction and deeper understanding into your content.

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