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Experiments in Rhinology & Otolaryngology is a peer reviewed open access journal that is dedicated to most recent advancements in otorhinolaryngology, head, nose, and neck surgery. The aim of this journal is to create a platform for young researchers and otolaryngologists all over the globe to promote, share and discuss various new topics and developments in all fields related to Otolaryngology. ERO mainly focuses on the topics like developments in otology, audiology, rhinology, allergy, neurotology, laryngology, speech science, bronchoesophagology, head, neck and facial plastic surgeries. It includes original findings, grand rounds, reviews, case reports etc. ERO Journal acts as a window to and project the research and clinical work done by Otolaryngologists’ communities from all over the world. It is a continued source of clinical information with review by eminent Otolaryngologists. It acts as a forum for the publication of most distant and rigorous scientific research related to the basic science and clinical aspects of the auditory and vestibular system and diseases of the ear.

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