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Experiments in Rhinology & Otolaryngology

Chiropractic Treatments May Cause Stokes

  • Open or CloseCusack PTE*

    Independent Researcher, Canada

    *Corresponding author:Cusack PTE, Independent Researcher, Canada

Submission: June 19, 2019;Published: June 29, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ERO.2018.03.000555

ISSN: 2637-7780
Volume3 Issue1


As someone who has suffered from back and neck pain for years, and after many treatments from qualified Chiropractors, I believe such treatments to the neck is potentially very harmful for the patient. It may lead to a stoke. The Chiropractic treatments produce a feeling of relief certainly, but that relief is temporary. Eventually, the patient may start to seek that relief by treating him/herself. There is potential for a stoke since the arteries in the neck are adversely affected. I don’t know if surgery to the vertebrae would help, but chiropractic treatment only buys so much time.

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