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Experiments in Rhinology & Otolaryngology

Revisit on How Nasal Blockage has an Effect on Eminence of Life: Facts & Specifics

  • Open or CloseSphoorthi Basavannaiah*

    Department of ENT, Subbaiah Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimoga, Karnataka, India

    *Corresponding author: Sphoorthi Basavannaiah, Assistant Professor, Department of ENT, Subbaiah Institute of Medical Sciences, Shimoga, Karnataka , India

Submission: May 15, 2020;Published: May 26, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/ERO.2020.03.000557

ISSN: 2637-7780
Volume3 Issue2


Introduction: Nasal breathing distributes roughly 70% airflow to lungs, but airway obstruction can limit airflow through nose. This limitation of nasal airway obstruction through nose has both mucosal as well as mechanical causes that can significantly compromise the quality of life.

Aims & Objectives: To find out the commonest cause for nasal obstruction, level of obstruction as well as affection of involvement in Nose & PNS. This topic is of interest as nasal obstruction, though has a common existence & prevalence but certain crucial factors that compromise quality of life is still untouched upon in literature.

Methodology: All 626 patients who presented with various causes of nose block were clinically evaluated and suitable management was disposed.

Results: Both Mucosal & Mechanical groups have their own role in involvement for the basis of nasal obstruction.

Conclusions: DNS & Developmental origin go hand in hand and is by far occupying nearly 50% of causes for nasal obstruction, which indirectly suggests that septal correction is mandatory after facial development when symptomatic & when basics in life are at stake.

Keywords: Nasal blockage; Nasal obstruction; Nasal airway; Airflow; Deviated nasal septum (DNS); Paranasal sinuses(PNS)

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