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Experiments in Rhinology & Otolaryngology

Nasal Ulceration Reveling Multifunctional Tuberculosis

Submission: July 23, 2020;Published: August 10, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/ERO.2020.03.000558

ISSN: 2637-7780
Volume3 Issue2


Objectives: We wanted to discuss the aetiopathogenic, diagnostic and therapeutic of nasal tuberculosis aspect.

Clinical case: This is a 10-year-old patient admitted for nasal blistering ulceration. The diagnosis of nasal tuberculosis was retained after histopathological examination. After the clinical and paraclinical investigations, we retained multifocal tuberculosis in front of tuberculosis of the ear, pulmonary and a pain of pott. The therapeutic antituberculous inclusion to the two-month regimen of rifampicin + isoniazid + pyrazinamide + ethambutol and 4-month rifampicin + isoniazid. We noted a clear improvement at four months of treatment, nasal, pulmonary, otological lesions but with sequelae at the dorsal level. Any recurrence after one-year decline.

Conclusion: Nasal tuberculosis, although rare, remains a reality in our country. In front of a nasal ulceration and a nasal obstruction must make search for nasal tuberculosis. Careful clinical examination can detect more complications.

Keywords: Nasal ulcer; Multifocal tuberculosis; Histology

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