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COJ Reviews and Research aims to provide standard articles that are published after a rigid peer-review process along with distinguished editorial board. COJRR is an online open access platform to maintain archive of reviews and research articles for easy and reliable source of knowledge throughout sphere. This journal Motivates researcher to submit their research & review manuscripts in various competing areas like Health care, Technical, Biological, General Science and etc. The main aim of our Journal is to explore latest trends in Current Research & Reviews across multidisciplinary domain. COJRR covers all aspects of Reviews such as Pharmacological, Nutrition, Chemical Society, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Psychology, Mathematical and etc. Also focus on Exploratory, Descriptive, Explanatory, Cross-sectional, Applied, Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed research studies. Moreover, Short term peer review process and convenient publishing are the major key roles to bring best output of your submissions.

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