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Innovative Solutions for Needo-Education in Swarnim Bharat

  • Open or CloseMadan Mohan Goel*

    Professor of Kurukshetra University, India

    *Corresponding author: Madan Mohan Goel, Professor of Kurukshetra University, India

Submission: November 18, 2022; Published: November 29, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/COJRR.2022.04.000591

ISSN: 2639-0590
Volume4 Issue4


For needo-education in Swarnim Bharat towards 2047, we must treat national education policy (NEP 2020) as an invention and work on it without worries as an innovation as an application of invention by accepting the challenges of all kinds. Innovative solutions are required for ensuring quality, affordability and accessibility of needo-education with skills for the manpower required by the employers in various sectors of the economy including industry. NEP is necessary but not sufficient for transforming Bharat into a global Knowledge economy. To make it sufficient, we must have a time frame for the implementation of a comprehensive, holistic and learner centered flexible system by adopting well defined Public-Private- Partnership (PPP) model. To avoid unhealthy competition with the foreign universities permitted under NEP 2020, we need to accept the challenge even if weak but unique with spiritual wisdom flowing from Gita and Anu-Gita. For effective implementation of NEP 2020, the three-tier government should not poke its nose at every level of education. The central government must take the responsibility of providing secondary education to the entire nation free of cost as a public good. The primary education is required to be looked after by the local governments with freedom to generate resources including proper pricing policy of birth, marriage and death certificates. The domain of higher education including professional and technical education can be left to the states with PPP model which will bring efficiency, sufficiency and equity. To improve quality, the teachers must be street smart (simple, moral, action oriented, responsive and transparent) at all levels of education.

Keywords: NEP 2020; NAW Approach of marketing; PPP model; Street SMART model

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