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Variability of Lime-Based Lateritic Soil Enhanced with Bitumen with Varying Proportions

  • Open or CloseLucia Omolayo A1*, Samuel AO2, Olugbenga OA3 and Christopher EI3

    1Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria

    2Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University Airforce Institute of Technology Kaduna,Nigeria

    2Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria

    *Corresponding author: Lucia Omolayo A, Department of Civil Engineering,Federal University of Technology Akure,Nigeri

Submission: September 05, 2022; Published: September 16, 2022

DOI: 10.31031/COJRR.2022.04.000585

ISSN: 2639-0590
Volume4 Issue2


This research investigated the bituminous additive prerequisite of some lateritic soil samples as pavement materials. Both chemical and geotechnical experiment were carried out on untreated (raw) and improved laterite. Bituminous material was utilized in the present research as admixture. The California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Atterberg limit (Liquid and plastic limit), specific gravity, moisture content and compaction experiments of the samples were performed with varying percentages or proportions of bitumen; 3, 6, 9 and 12%. The soil categorization test reveals that the lateritic soil is between A-2-7 and A-2-4 which is Silty or clayed clayey gravel and sand based on AASHTO soil categorization. The C.B.R values are 9.87, 4.35% and 7.28% for samples A, B and C correspondently at 0% additive content, while for 12% additives, the result showed maximum C.B.R values for sample A and B as 41.21% and Sample C as 40.04%. Thus, bitumen has been verified to be a good admixture on the enhancement of the properties of lateritic soil as pavement materials.

Keywords: Strength characteristics; Bitumen; Lateritic soil; Pavement materials

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