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Biodiversity Online J

50 Days after the Oil Spill in the Peruvian Marine Coast of January 2022 at La Pampilla Refinery

  • Jean ARK1*, Jean BMB2

    1Agricultural Entomology laboratory, Entomology Section, Research Centre in Natural Sciences (CRSN-Lwiro), Congo

    2Department of Biology, State University of Bukavu, Congo

    *Corresponding author: Jean Augustin Rubabura Kituta. Agricultural Entomology laboratory, Entomology Section, Research Centre in Natural Sciences (CRSN-Lwiro) - PO : D.S. / Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Submission: February 23, 2022 Published: March 31, 2022


India is a country of diverse cultures due to the influence of geography, climate and biodiversity. The current state of the developing world is the result of this process of evolution and experimentation. As Indian agriculture was later considered to be the backbone of the Indian economy, the contribution of agribusinesses to India’s national income increased even more. Science and Technology has always being the tool for advance agricultural practices and India is way ahead in applying the same to rise as a largest economy. FAO recognized the contribution of India as a third largest economy in the world after US and China however also concern about the food shortage and malnutrition. The increasing feminization of agriculture is mainly related to the migration of men from rural to urban areas and other domestic issues. To address the issues, a model is proposed for rural India for integrated agriculture based approach with involvement of every household from a small village to cater the need of food and livelihood thereby also progressing in further development for a better life.

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