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Biodiversity Online J

Native Trees from Amazon Forest Fragments with Medicinal Potential

  • Open or CloseAline Gonçalves Spletozer*

    Department of Forestry, University in Viçosa, Brazil

    *Corresponding author:Aline Gonçalves Spletozer, Department of Forestry, University in Viçosa, Brazil

Submission: November 03, 2020; Published: November 30, 2020


The impacts on the Amazonian flora bring a significant reduction of plant species considered medicinal, even before being studied. In this mini review we show several medicinal tree species from forest remnants in the Amazon.Of the 60 species recorded in the two fragments, 22 showed medicinal use registered in the literature. The greatest use found was anti-inflammatory, followed by antioxidant and ulcer. The results show that the tree species occurring in the studied fragments have wide medicinal use, being, therefore, a possible source of extraction of compounds for pharmacological use. Evidencing the importance of the conservation of these habitats for the preservation of the flora and for the health.

Keywords: Amazonian flora; Livestock; Antimicrobial; Antioxidant

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