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Modern Research in Dentistry

Intraosseous Transmigration of Mandibular Premolar into the Mandibular Ramus: A Case Report

Submission: August 08, 2020Published: April 26, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/MRD.2021.06.000635

Volume6 Issue2


Background: Literature survey indicates that intraosseous transmigration is uncommon. Transmigration of mandibular premolars to distant sites like the ramus are rare and is often detected by chance.

Case description: A 19-year-old female reported seeking replacement of her missing teeth. Clinical examination showed multiple missing teeth and a history of early loss of permanent molars. Panoramic radiographs revealed a transmigrated mandibular premolar in the ramus of the mandible surrounded by well a circumscribed radiolucent area.

Practical implications: Transmigrated premolars in the ramus can cause complications like cystic lesions, weakened ramus, and susceptibility to fracture. Young females undergoing early extraction of permanent molars are at increased risk.

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