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Gastroenterology Medicine & Research

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in The Elderly – Knowledge Gaps and Potential Directions in Research

  • Open or CloseAnna Viola and Walter Fries*

    Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Italy

    *Corresponding author:Walter Fries, Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Clinical Unit for Chronic Bowel Disorders, Messina, Italy

Submission: May 30, 2019 Published: June 12, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/GMR.2019.03.000561

ISSN 2637-7632
Volume3 Issue2


Elderly patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are becoming more frequent in incidence and prevalence. Several topics concerning this particular population have been investigated in the last years but data are still insufficient and current guidelines frequently do not address this problem. The aim of this brief review was to highlight knowledge gaps in this setting of patients. To our opinion, the main gaps in literature concern therapy and prophylaxis of thromboembolism, fracture risk, response to pharmacological therapies, nutrition, faecal incontinence, and post surgical recurrence.

Keywords: Elderly; Infections; Surgery; Nutrition; Fracture risk

Abbreviations: IBD: Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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