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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Capillary Rheological Behavior of HDPE/ EUG Blends

Submission: March 14, 2023;Published: April 14, 2023

Volume4 Issue5
April , 2023


HDPE/EUG blends prepared by melt blending are extruded through capillary rheometer at different shear rates and temperatures. The results show that the viscosity of HDPE is increased when mixed with gutta-percha (EUG) while it reduces when increasing shear rate. Increasing the extrusion temperature will reduce the shear viscosity. With the increase of the EUG content, the extrusion swell ratio of HDPE/ EUG blends will increase, where the melt resilience will increase, and the melt strength will increase. Increasing the extrusion temperature will reduce the extrusion swell ratio.

Keywords:HDPE; EUG; Blending; Viscosity

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