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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Influence of Matrix Type and Oil Phase Composition on the Stability of Polysaccharide- Based Nanoemulsions

Submission: November 21, 2022;Published: December 12, 2022

Volume4 Issue4
December , 2022


Polymeric nanoemulsions are systems capable of protecting bioactive compounds, improving bioavailability and controlled release. Stable formulations must present uniform micellar dispersion with nanometric particle size and homogeneous morphology. Thus, a detailed analysis regarding oily and aqueous phase in nanoemulsions and their compositions is fundamental to meet the physicochemical stability criteria. For this study, we tested the matrices of alginate and chitosan as wall material and commercial soy oil and mineral oil as co-adjuvants along with the surfactant for the micelle’s composition. Nanoemulsions coated with alginate and with soy oil presented the best stability factors, with particle size around 200nm, morphological homogeneity, and high values of Zeta potential, being promising for controlled release.

Keywords:Nanoemulsion; Stability; Formulation

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