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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Study on Effect of Fillers in Passenger Car Radial Tyre Tread Cap Compounds

Submission: September 14, 2022;Published: October 21, 2022

Volume4 Issue3
October , 2022


Carbon Black is still very widely used in passenger car tyre treads for reinforcement. Furnace Blacks including Intermediate Super Abrasion Furnace (ISAF) and High Abrasion Furnace (HAF) blacks can be seen in use for Tyre Tread compounds for optimized performance by matching the required mileage, traction, and rolling resistance. In this study, the Passenger car radial tyre tread compound was used for study by varying the grade of filler series to optimize the lab scale properties and cost. The compounds were characterized concerning their flow properties, rheological properties, dispersion, dynamic mechanical properties, and abrasion.

Keywords: Rubber; Carbon black; Polymer; Viscosity; Abrasion resistance

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