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Mobile Health Application Framework for an Ideal User Experience: A User-Centered Design Approach for Clinicians

Submission: September 24, 2018;Published: November 15, 2018


From the literature, it is evident that clinicians would use a mobile application only if they are motivated to do so, and lack of clinical and end-user engagement is one of the most common barriers affecting broader mobile health (mHealth) app adoption.

This research aims to answer two questions related to mHealth apps in hospitals:

A. How to provide the best user-experience for clinicians in daily routine bases and

B. How to create a clinician-centric framework for wider mHealth apps adoption in hospitals?

We propose a 6S framework focused on clinician-as-a-user, by analysing current mobile apps available for clinicians in hospitals with some level of clinical decision support. Based on the analysis and market review, we found that the best number of main screens required for a successful healthcare app is six. Finally, the app design/framework was evaluated for user engagement, ease of use and adoption by a broader user group consisting of researchers, clinicians and Health IT engineers.

Keywords: mHealth app framework; Patient monitoring application; Smartphone-based monitoring; Framework for user experience and clinical decision support application

Abbreviation: 6S: Six-Screen; EMRAM: Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model; HIMSS: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society; ISO: International Organization for Standardization

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