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Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology

Improve Productivity of Warping by Optimization of Warping Speed and Beam Pressure

Submission: May 05, 2019Published: June 21, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/TTEFT.2019.05.000610

ISSN: 2578-0271
Volume5 Issue2


Warping is aimed at preparing the weaver’s beam to be set up on the weaving machine. In warping, the yarns are taken from the spools placed on the creel and are wound around the warp beam or roll as per the calculated width of the fabric, an uninterrupted length of hundreds of warp yarns results, all oriented parallel to one another. The present study was conducted to determine the number of yarn breaks in the warping process on warping machine. The present study was conducted to determine the number of yarn breakages in the warping. It is the process which involves preparing the weaver’s beam for the weaving process with a predetermined number of spools or creel to the warp beam. The research encloses the basic problem of the amount of breakage rate of cotton yarns during the warping process during the production process which results in an increment of waste and poor quality of product. The project is based on approach to find out optimum process parameters based on the results of these experiments and analysis of the process parameters for improvement in warping quality.

Keywords: Warping; Quality of warp beam; Speed of Warping; Beam Pressure at Warping; End Breakages at Warping

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