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Significances of Bioengineering & Biosciences

A Review on MiRNA Biogenesis

  • Open or CloseAashi Fazeela M*, Jaya Joshi, Ashish Verma and Ankit Goyal

    Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, Government College of Dentistry, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, 452001

    *Corresponding author: Aashi Fazeela M, Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, Government College of Dentistry, 1-Sardar Patel Marg, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, 452001 Email ID:

Submission: March 16, 2021;Published: April 26, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/SBB.2021.04.000599

ISSN 2637-8078
Volume 4 Issue 5


Micro RNAs are single stranded non-coding RNAs that function to regulate the mRNA and thereby proteins. It functions as an important epigenetic biomarker. The multiverse of miRNA is highly complicated one which is governed by numerous protein miRNA interactions which causes alteration in its genesis as well as regulation. To understand the importance of miRNA in our genome, it is essential to have a clear knowledge of the various pathways leading to its formation. This pathway occurs in different levels and include the interplay between many enzymes such as Drosha, Dicer. Following the genesis, matured miRNA becomes active and complementarily binds with mRNA to cause its silencing/exaggeration. This genesis of miRNA as well as its interaction is under the influence of many regulatory proteins.

Keywords: MiRNA biogenesis; Canonical pathway; Non-canonical pathway; Regulation; mRNA silencing; Enhanced translation

Abbreviations: piRNA: Piwi Interacting RNA; miRNA: MicroRNA; DGCR8: Digeorge Syndrome Critical Gene Region in Gene 8; EXP5: Exportin 5; TRBP: Trans-activation Responsible DNA Binding Protein; RISC: RNA Induced Silencing Complex; UTR: Untranslated Region; shRNA: Short Hairpin RNA

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