Editorial Board

  1. Vladimir Zaichick

    Medical Radiological Research Centre, Russia

  2. Yosemite Sam

    Institute for Research on Variant-Reproactive Interstercis, USA

  3. Jinxiang Chen

    Southeast University, China

  4. Miklas Scholz

    Lund University, Sweden

  5. Kamil Ugurbil

    University of Minnesota, USA

  6. Arkady Voloshin

    Lehigh University, USA

  7. Narendra B Dahotre

    University of North Texas, USA

  8. Golam Newaz

    Wayne State University, USA

  9. Roop L Mahajan

    Virginia Tech, USA

  10. William E Lee

    University of South Florida, USA

  11. Marek Swoboda

    ide Group, Australia

  12. Wei Min Huang

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  13. Steffen B Petersen

    Aalborg University, Denmark

  14. Jesper deClaville Christiansen

    Aalborg University , Denmark

  15. Xianfang Zhu

    Xiamen University, China

  16. Louise B Pape-Haugaard

    Aalborg University , Denmark

  17. Dale S Feldman

    University of Alabama, England

Associate Editors

  1. Perry G Ridge

    Brigham Young University, USA

  2. Anne Schmitz

    Gannon University, USA

  3. Manivanan R

    Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, India

  4. Amit Kumar Saha

    Stanford University, USA

  5. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi

    Wayne State University, USA

  6. Sewwandi S Rathnayake

    Johns Hopkins University, USA

  7. Yantao Fan

    University of Houston, USA

  8. Milan Toma

    New York Institute of Technology, USA

  9. Yangwei Liu

    Proportional Technologies, Inc., USA

  10. Ahyeon Koh

    Binghamton University, USA

  11. Maxim A Solovchuk

    National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

  12. Er-Yuan Chuang

    Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

  13. Hao Chen

    University of Michigan, USA

  14. Inas A Yassine

    Cairo University, Egypt

  15. Stanley Moffatt

    Regent University College of Science and Technology, Ghana

  16. Kashif Jilani

    University of Agriculture, Pakistan

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