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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

Is It Effective For Acupuncture In Treating Postoperative Ileus? ---- A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Submission: August 22, 2020;Published: October 27, 2020

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2020.09.000703

ISSN: 2576-8816
Volume 9 Issue 1


Background: Acupuncture may promote early recovery of postoperative ileus (POI). This meta-analysis aimed to determine the efficacy of acupuncture on outcomes after elective surgery.

Material and Methods: We searched database of PUBMED, EMBASE, the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials from their inception to Aug. 2019, and selection criteria is randomized controlled trials (RCT). Primary outcome was time to first passage of flatus(d). Secondary outcomes included time to tolerated solid food(d), time to first bowel movement(d), time of first defecation(d), duration of hospital stay(d).

Result: We identified 9 studies that recruited 910 participants for inclusion in our review. Compared with other non-pharmacy treatments, acupuncture treatment yielded an improved on mean time to first passage of flatus in postoperative patients (MD=-0.67; 95% CI, [-1.33, -0.01], p= 0.000; I2= 94.7%), a shorten time to tolerated solid food (MD=-0.33; 95% CI, [-0.62, -0.04], p= 0.320; I2`=14.5%), an earlier recovery of bowel movement (MD=-0.43; 95% CI, [-0.74, -0.11], p= 0.004; I2= 73.9%), an improved on mean time of first defecation (MD=-1.33; 95% CI, [-1.90, -0.76], p= 0.000, I2= 83.2%), and reduced hospital stay (MD=-0.43; 95% CI, [-0.68, -0.19], p=0.049, I2=52.6%),

Conclusion: This review identified the evidence of acupuncture for postoperative patients in improving recovery of gastrointestinal function. This benefit of acupuncture should be a potential non-pharmacotherapy in the management of postoperative ileus.

Keywords: Postoperative ileus; Meta-analysis; Acupuncture; Systematic review

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