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Research in Medical & Engineering Sciences

Creativity in Family Medicine

  • Open or Close Jose Luis Turabian*

    Specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Health Centre Santa Maria de Benquerencia, Spain

    *Corresponding author: Jose Luis Turabian, Health Centre Santa Maria de Benquerencia, Spain

Submission: August 08, 2017; Published: September 06, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/RMES.2017.01.000510

ISSN: 2576-8816
Volume1 Issue2


The concept of creativity is important in medicine, especially in family medicine, to stimulate new ideas about research and patients care. Family medicine is the art of working with creativity. This concept can be difficult to explain and understand. This characteristic is presented based on a fable or tale “the fable of the golf ball and the penguin”. The fable is an adult education method which can serve to intuitively understand abstract concepts, by linking them to specific situations, and so to facilitate their assimilation. The family doctor has to have great creativity to can be able to face the variability and complexity of people, contexts, patterns, models, actors and relationships. Creativity is one of the strategies used by the competent family doctor to resolve the uncertainty of decision making in the consultation. And within the options to can generate the growth of our creativity, one of them is when solution is adapted to different situation: how to use something effective elsewhere? What can we copy or imitate? How do they solve it in other cultures or other disciplines? How can we turn the problem into an opportunity? How can we put together used things and constitute something new?

Keywords: Family medicine; Fable; Significant learning; Methodological proposal; Creativity

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