Article Type: Research Article

Published: October, 2023

DOI: 10.31031/ACSR.2023.04.000588

Journal Name: Annals of Chemical Science Research

Abstract: An A4 100g/m2 copy paper Multi-paper Fabriano was tested for its tensile strength in both directions MD (machine direction) and CD (cross direction). The mean value of the tensile strength MD 4.91KN/m was compared to the mean value of the tensile strength CD 3.28ΚΝ/m using one-sample T-test. The means of the two properties were found statistically significantly different from zero. The texperimental=81.110 for MD tensile strength was greater than ttheoretical=2.262. Also, the texperimental=43.540 for CD tensile strength was greater than ttheoretical=2.262, for 95% confidence interval and 9 degrees of freedom. The two means of tensile strength MD and CD were found not equal. The one-way ANOVA was also performed and compared the amount of variation between groups with the amount of variation within groups. The variance of among groups was greater than that of within groups, i.e., 13.350>0.456, and thus the null hypothesis was rejected that the means of tensile strength MD and CD were equal. The tests were performed at a significant level of p<0.05. Finally, the formula for simple linear regression was calculated to be y=0.37562094*x+ 1.432949943, whereas y was the dependent variable, the CD tensile strength and x was the independent variable, the MD tensile strength.