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Research & Development in Material Science

Effective Sonodegradation of Methylene Blue (MB) Organic Dye by Mil-88(Fe)/NaY/MnFe2O4 Nanocomposite Sonocatalyst in Aqueous Solution

Submission: October 6, 2021;Published: October 20, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.2021.16.000876

ISSN : 2576-8840
Volume16 Issue1


This research examined sonocatalytic degradation of Methylene Blue (MB) dye in the presence of MIL-88(Fe)/NaY/MnFe2O4 nanocomposite synthesized using the ultrasound assisted-hydrothermal route. Multiple identification techniques were utilized to investigate the MIL-88(Fe)/NaY/MnFe2O4 nanocomposite sonocatalyst involving FESEM, EDAX, FTIR, XRD and BET. The influences of various parameters like contact time, H2O2 concentration, initial MB concentration and sonocatalyst dosage were precisely studied. About 98.1% of MB dye degradation was achieved under the optimum parameter conditions i.e. at pH of 7, 25mg/L of initial MB concentration, H2O2 concentration of 4mM and 0.5g/L of MIL-88(Fe)/NaY/MnFe2O4 dosage within 60min. The enhancement of sonocatalytic activities can be related to the function of NaY zeolite as trap state for the electron. The scavenger tests outcomes demonstrated that the sono-generated hydroxyl radical (.OH) would play an important role in the MB degradation. Additionally, the MIL-88(Fe)/NaY/MnFe2O4 was quite stable since the efficiency of MB degradation gained in the four run was 93.7%.

Keywords: Sonocatalytic; Degradation; Methylene blue; MIL-88(Fe)/NaY/MnFe2O4; Nanocomposite

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