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Researches in Arthritis & Bone Study

Different Approach to Arthritis

  • Open or CloseMaria Kuman*

    Holistic Research Institute, USA

    *Corresponding author:Maria Kuman,Holistic Research Institute, USA

Submission: June 24, 2019; Published: June 26, 2019

Volume1 Issue5
June , 2019


At the age of 60, I started experiencing arthritis-kind of pain - very step was painful and I couldn’t open a jar. The lawnmower was so heavy that I barely walk after it. I would do barely ½ of the yard and leave the rest for another day. I decided I needed to do something about it. I read about a Chinese man, who lived to be 256 years old. He received from the Chinese government awards for long living three times: at ages 150, 200, and 250. When they asked him, what made him live so long, his answer was simple: inner peace and periodic cleansing.

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