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Researches in Arthritis & Bone Study

Different Approach to Arthritis

Maria Kuman*

Holistic Research Institute, USA

*Corresponding author:Maria Kuman,Holistic Research Institute, USA

Submission: June 24, 2019;Published: June 26, 2019

Volume1 Issue5
June 2019


At the age of 60, I started experiencing arthritis-kind of pain - very step was painful and I couldn’t open a jar. The lawnmower was so heavy that I barely walk after it. I would do barely ½ of the yard and leave the rest for another day. I decided I needed to do something about it. I read about a Chinese man, who lived to be 256 years old. He received from the Chinese government awards for long living three times: at ages 150, 200, and 250. When they asked him, what made him live so long, his answer was simple: inner peace and periodic cleansing.

So, I decided to do cleansing-to flush my body clean. It made sense to me. We regularly change the air and gas filters of our cars knowing that if we don’t do it, the car efficiency will decrease and finally the car will stop working. We change or flush regularly the air filters of our air-conditioning system in the house knowing that if we don’t do it, the efficiency of our air conditioning will decrease and with time it would stop working. The same should be true for our body, but somehow, we expect it to keep working with the same efficiency and never to fail working without any cleansing.

Isn’t this unreasonable expectation? My mother used to say that we needed to flush our body clean every year, preferably before the spring kicks in because during the cold winter the body works slower, and toxins accumulate in the body. So, it is a good idea to flush the toxins out of the body at the end of the winter before the body will start working faster with the warming of the spring. I was too busy, and I didn’t do any cleansing up to the age of 60. No wonder I was in troubles having a lot of pain.

A serious reason to think that cleansing will help my muscles-and-joins pain was the fact that according to the ancient Chinese theory of acupuncture the muscles and joints are related to the Liver. Therefore, since I had muscles-and-joints pain (arthritis), I probably had congested Liver (see my book Modern Aspects of Ancient Acupuncture [1]. However, since the same ancient acupuncture theory [1] teaches that the Liver and Gall Bladder are coupled organs because their functions are closely related, I decided that I needed to flush the whole system: to get rid of the parasites and to flush the Gall Bladder, the Liver, and the Kidneys. I followed the recommendations of my mother. They are described in my book: Delicious Herbal and Folk Remedies [2].

Indeed, congested with stones Gall Bladder usually leads to congested Liver. Congested Liver leads to congested Spleen because they share the blood purification function [1]. Congested Liver and Spleen will lead to tick blood that barely move and keeps all the toxins, which deposit in the joints and muscles and cause the arthritis pain. Since what is flushed from the Liver and Gall Bladder passes through the intestines, I decided that it is a good idea to cleanse the intestine first from parasites because their toxins load the Liver substantially (the Liver is the cleansing organ of the body).

First, I tried to cleanse my intestines with Psyllium Fiber dissolved in a cup of water plus two glasses of water drank afterward. Psyllium Fiber is a good absorbent and it expands as it absorbs the water. I was thinking it would clean my intestines like a brush. However, it turned that the push is not enough. To increase the push, I decided to add to the full tablespoon of Psyllium Fiber dissolved in a cup of water one full tablespoon of clay (boiled for disinfection) and it worked. All kind of dirt came from my intestines. I consumed the mixture with a spoon and drank two glasses of water afterward (be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water this day).

I will not go in farther details to describe the whole procedure because it is described in my book: Delicious Herbal and Folk Remedies [2] and can be found there. The combination of black walnut extract, wormwood extract, and ground clove for cleansing all the parasites need to be taken 2 to 3 months. After these 3 months cleansing of the parasites, I flushed: my Gall Bladder, my Liver, and my Kidneys (which does not take much time) and I was a totally new person full of energy and without any pain. I was not walking, I was running after the lawnmower, and I wouldn’t notice how I finish cutting the grass of the whole yard. And I had energy to do another one like this.

I felt as if somebody has shifted me 20 years back in time-I was running everywhere I go; in the way I did 20 years ago. So, it was not an old-body problem, it was just congested-body problem. Cleanse the body and it would run like new. I went back to dancing and enjoying my life the way I did 20 years ago.


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