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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Research on Cellulose Film in Degradable Wet Garbage Bags

  • Open or CloseLi Yinxuan*

    Bright Dairy Co Ltd, State Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology, China

    *Corresponding author: Li Yinxuan, Bright Dairy Co Ltd, State Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology, Shanghai 200436, China

Submission: August 11, 2022;Published: August 19, 2022

Volume4 Issue1
August , 2022


Cellulose is a natural polymer compound with the largest reserves in nature and is considered to be the main raw material for energy and chemical industry in the future. However, the high degree of polymerization and high crystallinity of natural cellulose make it difficult to dissolve in conventional solvents, which greatly limits the application of cellulose. In recent years, a variety of new types of cellulose have been discovered, and this paper briefly introduces plant-derived cellulose materials. The cellulose-based composite film obtained by dissolving the cellulose solvent system has been improved to a certain extent in terms of strength and degradability and is expected to be applied to the problem of wet garbage bag breaking caused by garbage classification in recent years. At present, cellulose-based composite materials have been widely used in food preservation and antibacterial packaging materials, active packaging materials and high barrier packaging materials. Based on the latest research on cellulose membrane materials, this paper looks forward to the future development hotspots, aiming to provide references for cellulose dissolution and the development of new cellulose membrane materials.

Keywords: Cellulose; Biodegradability materials; Coating film

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