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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Modification of Monomers to Produce High- Performance Soluble Polymers

  • Open or CloseTamboli AB1 and Maldar NN2*

    1Santosh Bhimrao Patil Arts Commerce and Science College Mandrup, India

    2Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, India

    *Corresponding author: N N Maldar, Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, Solapur, (MS), India

Submission: July 22, 2022;Published: August 10, 2022

Volume4 Issue1
August, 2022


The raw material cost, market size, energy needs, health and environment concerns have been important factors especially for discovery and introduction of new monomers and new polymers. There has been always constant search for new cost-effective monomers that can be used in the synthesis of polymers for special applications. In this respect, the synthesis of polymers and required building blocks from renewable resources has attracted considerable attention of researcher throughout the world [1-4]..

Keywords: Polymers; Monomers; Macromolecules; Renewable resources; Solvents

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