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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Use of Coal Based Black in Tyre Inner Liner and Tube Compound: A New Sustainable End Use Applicat

Submission: June 10, 2022;Published: July 08, 2022

Volume3 Issue5
March, 2022


Partial incorporation of Austin black in butyl-based tyre inner liner and tube compound can improve the barrier & mechanical properties. Normal carbon blacks are produced from fossil fuel (CBFS) whereas the Austin black is bituminous coal based. Production of Austin black using coal associated with lesser amounts of greenhouse gas emission as well as it has an impact on overall energy usage. Tyre inner liner and tube compound based on Bromobutyl Rubber (BIIR), Butyl Rubber (IIR) and Natural Rubber (NR) were prepared by melt compounding technique. Effects of different grades of Austin blacks as well as ASTM grade N660 were studied. Scanning electron microscopy analysis of tensile fractured surface of coal based black revealed a good interaction between filler with rubber. Furthermore, the use of Austin black in BIIR/Natural Rubber (NR) composite can enhance barrier properties. The curing characteristics of the filler composite has shown significant improvement of process safety and set properties as well. the structure and composition of the synthesized nanocomposites and nanocomposite coatings were studied.

Keywords: Austin black; Coal based black; Bromo butyl rubber (BIIR); Tyre inner liner; Tube

Abbreviations: BIIR: Bromobutyl Rubber; IIR: Butyl Rubber; NR: Natural Rubber; TGA: Thermogravimetric Analysis; GPT: Gas Permeability Tester; ILC: Inner liner compound; TUC: Tube compound

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