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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Nanoparticles and Sound: A Mini Review

  • Open or CloseOtoo Seniagya MP

    Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Ghana, Ghana

    *Corresponding author: Marie-Pearl Otoo Seniagya, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana

Submission: June 20, 2022;Published: July 05, 2022

Volume3 Issue5
March, 2022


Nanoparticles are nano-scale materials that have gained profound interest due to essential properties like small size which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Sound, as applied to these nanoparticles is an emerging field with growing interest by researchers. This mini-review article discusses methods involved in sound and nanoparticle research, whiles highlighting on their applications in diverse areas like drug – delivery studies. This overview briefly assesses general areas in this scope to suggest possible future research studies and applications.

Keywords: Anthropogenic; Nanoparticles; Ultrasound; Sonosensitizers; Biomaterials; Tissue– mimicking phantoms; Drug delivery

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