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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Effect of Sustainable Recycled Black on Mechanical and Barrier Property of Butyl Based Tyre Inner Liner and Tube Compound

Submission: February 03, 2022;Published: April 06, 2022

Volume3 Issue2
March, 2022


Partial incorporation of sustainable recycled black into the butyl-based rubber-Carbon Black (CB) system can improve the barrier & mechanical properties of the rubber composite. Bromo Butyl Rubber (BIIR), Butyl Rubber (IIR) and natural rubber-based tyre inner liner and tube compounds were prepared by melt mixing technique. Effects of various grades of sustainable Austin Black and ASTM grade N660 black were studied. Decreasing trend in gas permeability values for both inner liner as well as tube compounds indicate better gas impermeability for recycled Austin Black formulations when compared to those without Austin Black. The curing characteristics of the recycled Austin black composite has shown improvement of process safety and set properties as well.

Keywords: Carbon black; Bromo butyl rubber (BIIR); Elastomer; Gas permeability; Formulations

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