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Psychology and Psychotherapy: Research Study

The Overview of Composite Application Research of Bio-Based PA56/PET

Submission: November 22, 2021;Published: December 08, 2021

Volume2 Issue4
December, 2021


In this paper, the compatibility of bio-based PA56/PET and the composite application of different methods such as blending fiber and two-component parallel composite fiber are summarized. Studies show that when biobased PA56/PET is blended in a large proportion, its compatibility is very poor. The blending fibers is liable to appear uneven dispersion, difficult to form fibers, serious breakage in production and operation, and dark blotches are liable to appear in the stain of finished fabric. Using ‘sheath-coreskin’, ‘side-by-side’ type and ‘split’ structure to spin two-component parallel composite spinning fiber has good spinnability and the fabric has good moisture absorption, dyeing performance and antistatic properties. It is comfortable to wear properties.

Keywords: Bio-based PA56; PET; Composite application; Compatibility; Composite fiber

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