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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Design of the GaN HEMT in Half-Bridge Power Converter

Submission: February 12, 2021;Published: March 09, 2021

Volume1 Issue5
March, 2021


The introduction of new Wide Band Gap (WBG) power semiconductor devices enables the power converter to break through the limitation of efficiency and power density, so as achieving the goal of high efficiency, light-weight and small size. This article proposes a 200VDC/48VDC 500W output half-bridge power converter, and it uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) to test the efficiency. The frequency of switching can be high up to 250kHz. Mutual verification of the miller effect and the value of probe loading error caused by high frequency.

Keywords: Gallium Nitride(GaN); Half-bridge converter; Miller effect; Probe loading; High Electron Mobility Transistor(HEMT)

Abbreviations: GaN: Gallium Nitride; HEMT: High Electron Mobility Transistor; EMI: Electro Magnetic Interference; SMP: Switching Power Supply

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