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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Biopolymers-Applications in Various Fields: A Mini Review

  • Open or CloseArjun Pandian1, Sivakumar Bose2 and Sasikumar Yesudass3*

    1Department of Biotechnology, PRIST Deemed University, India

    2College of Materials Science and Engineering, Hunan University, China

    3School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University of Technology, China

    *Corresponding author:Sasikumar Yesudass, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin 300384, China

Submission: November 24, 2020;Published: December 21, 2020

Volume1 Issue3
December, 2020


Biopolymers are polymeric biomolecules that contain monomeric units which are covalently bonded to form a larger molecule. Biopolymers in nature are produced by various microorganisms and plants which require specific nutrients with a controlled environmental conditions. Biopolymers along with nanotechnology have found many applications in various fields which includes water treatment, energy sector, food industry, biomedical, photonic applications etc. Applications of biopolymers in various fields, especially in the field of green nanotechnology, biomedical and pharmaceutical industry etc., and it various characterization techniques were discussed in this review article.

Keywords:Biopolymers; Green nanotechnology; Pharmaceutical industry; Biocompatibility; Nanofillers

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