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Polymer Science: Peer Review Journal

Green Technology: Time to Use Chitosan Membrane

  • Open or Close Soontarapa K*

    Department of Chemical Technology, Thailand

    *Corresponding author: Soontarapa K, Department of Chemical Technology, Thailand

Submission: November 28, 2018;Published: November 30, 2018

Volume1 Issue1


I raise this topic for the chemists and chemical engineers in the new era who expects an application of knowledge for clean and sustainable communities. Production of renewable raw materials and use of renewable feedstock is an example on the principles of sustainable development and green chemistry. Membrane based separation, considered as a substitution over traditional separation processes, has gained an important place in chemical technology and are used in a broad range of applications. A membrane is defined as a perm selective barrier interposed between two phases. It imparts separation through controlled and selective mass transfer of one of the components to be separated from one bulk phase to other. Based on the origin, membranes can be classified as natural or synthetic, neutral or charged. On the concept of a clean and sustainable future that emphasized the retrieval and reutilization of valuable products from waste streams, natural polymer chitosan is of my interest.

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