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Biodiversity Online J

Biodiversity Conservation: Measures of Forest Tree Species Composition and Distribution in a Relic Forest

  • Open or CloseEgbuche Christian Toochi1*, Nwaigbo LC2, Umuorjiakor AO1 and Alimonu DI1

    1Department of Forestry and Wildlife Technology, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Nigeria

    2Faculty of Agriculture, Abia State University, Nigeria

    *Corresponding author:Egbuche Christian Toochi, Department of Forestry and Wildlife Technology, School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Submission: July 20, 2021; Published: July 28, 2021


The determination of tree species composition, relative density and distribution (richness and diversity) of a forest reserve in Southeastern Nigeria formed the basis of this research. A sample plot measuring 1.5 hectare (150x100)m2 was outlined and divided into four components within the forest reserve. A total of 151 tree count was recorded in the reserve area: belonging to nine different tree species. They were distributed in nine genera and of seven (7) families. Considering species richness, Verbenceae and Rubiaceae family had the highest number of 2 species in 2 genera, while five (5) other families had one (1) specie each. Tectona grandis species had the highest relative density and dominance (35.10% and 35.59% respectively). Gmelina arbozea (27.81% and 27.95%); while Elaesis guineesis and Mitragyna ciliate shared relative density of 3.311% and 3.974% respectively. The least specie was Pinus caribea have relative density and abundance of 1.987% and 2.2%. Generally, the forest location had immoderate diversity as a result of excessive exploitation and there is need to restrict forest exploitation thereby allowing forest full regeneration. This restriction policy is hereby advocated and projected to enhance the soil fertility and retention for full regeneration of forest species.

Keywords: Global change ecology; Tree species composition; Relic forest; Biodiversity conservation; Species; Composition; Distribution and abundance

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