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Aspects in Mining & Mineral Science

Commercial Machine Vision Systems in Flotation Circuit: A Mini –Review

  • Open or CloseNad Alona*

    Geological Survey of Finland GTK, Finland

    *Corresponding author: Nad Alona, Geological Survey of Finland GTK, Circular Economy Solutions, Tutkijankatu 1, 83500 Outokumpu, Finland

Submission: April 21, 2021; Published: May 19, 2021

DOI: 10.31031/AMMS.2021.06.000643

ISSN : 2578-0255
Volume6 Issue4


This paper presents a review of current industrial applications of Machine vision systems. A comparative analysis of the existing commercial software from different providers is given. Significant aspects of the control and optimization strategies based on the visual froth features (froth color, bubble size and shape, froth velocity and texture) extracted from the froth images are described in the paper.

Keywords: Machine vision; Froth camera; Flotation; Froth features

Abbreviations: RGB: Red, Green, Blue; HSI: Hue, Saturation, Intensity; HSV: Hue, Saturation, Value; FFT: Fast Fourier Transform; CCM: Color Co-Occurrence Matrix; GLCM: Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix

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