Editorial Board

  1. Jiafang Xu

    University of Petroleum, China

  2. Luis Ribeiro e Sousa

    University of Porto, Portugal

  3. Mario Sanchez Medina

    Andres Bello University, Chile

  4. Vedat Deniz

    Hitit University, Turkey

  5. Priscilla P Nelson

    Cornell University, New York

  6. Jose Adilson De Castro

    Tohoku University, Japan

  7. Di Gianfrancesco Augusto

    Chemical Engineering at University of Rome, Italy

  8. Massoud Aghamirian

    CIM, USA

  9. Fathi Habashi

    Laval University, Canada

  10. NM Ravindra

    New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

  11. Roberto Guglielmo Citarella

    University of Salerno, Europe

  12. Ajay Kumar Mishra

    University of South Africa, South Africa

  13. Shivani Bhardwaj Mishra

    University of South Africa, South Africa

  14. Godfrey Arinze Uzochukwu

    North Carolina A&T State University, USA

  15. Luis Ferney

    University Extership of Colombia, Colombia

  16. Vahid Ebrahimipour

    Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal University, Canada

  17. Alex Guskov

    Institute of Solid State Physics of RAS, Russia

  18. Zhu Yao Hua

    Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

  19. A V Protasov

    Holding company All-Russian scientfic and project desgning institute , Russian

  20. Giulio Timelli

    University of Padua, Italy

Associate Editors

  1. Yongchao Huang

    Institute of Environmental Research at Greater Bay Guangzhou University, China

  2. Awni Al-Otoom

    Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

  3. Zhang Liang

    Jiangsu Normal University, China

  4. Hyungwoo Kim

    HanYang University, Korea

  5. Rachid Masour

    University Cadi Ayyed, Morocco

  6. Bojan Matoš

    University of Zagreb, Croatia

  7. Hao Yi

    Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

  8. Jeffrey C Johnson

    University of Utah, Utah

  9. Fatih

    Dumlupinar University, Turkey

  10. Weiyong Yuan

    Southwest University, China

  11. Bob Horvath

    Rutgers University, USA

  12. Hua Jiang

    Changan University, China

  13. Nils R Backeberg

    Roskill Information Services, UK

  14. Peter Arroja Eshun

    George Grant University of Mines and Technology, Ghana

  15. Bashir Salah

    King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

  16. Yashar Pourrahimian

    University of Alberta, Canada

  17. Chih-Yu Chang

    Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

  18. Navin Manjooran

    University of Florida, USA

  19. Halime Abakay Temel

    Dicle University, Turkey

  20. Manoj Khandelwal

    Federation University, Australia

  21. Zaixing Huang

    University of Wyoming, USA

  22. Hui Xia Luo

    Sun Yat-Sen University, China

  23. Hakan Butuner

    Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

  24. BP Sibiryakov

    Novosibirsk State University, Russia

  25. Sergey Prokopenko

    Tomsk Polytechnic University , Russia

  26. Gurdeep Singh

    University of Delhi, India

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