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Advances in Complementary & Alternative medicine

A New Set of External Devices for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Open or CloseMingguang Yi*

    Retired electronics engineer, Australia

    *Corresponding author:Mingguang Yi, 12 Marwood Ave, Truganina, VIC, 3029, Australia

Submission: May 13, 2019; Published: May 16, 2019

DOI: 10.31031/ACAM.2019.04.000586

ISSN: 2637-7802
Volume4 Issue2


Device therapy has always been an attractive option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, there are only a few devices available on the market and they need to be customized. The purpose of this letter is to introduce a new set of improved external devices, including erection rings, penile supports and external penile prostheses. These devices are easy to use and suitable for mass production.

Keywords: Erectile dysfunction; Penile support; Penile prosthesis

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