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Telemedicine: A Feasible Treatment for Burnout among Students Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and Thereafter

Submission: February 14, 2022Published: March 01, 2022


Telemedicine became a game-changer in the health care system, especially during the current pandemic. COVID-19 disrupted the lives of everyone, particularly the students who are deprived of the optimal learning facilities and opportunities for socialization. These factors impacted their overall wellbeing and considerably increased their stress and burnout. In this precarious situation, the study opines that telemedicine is a feasible solution to address the emerging issue of burnout adequately by ensuring the safety of students and professionals and the benefits of everyone. It can serve as an optimal response for averting the risk of depression/addictions and maintaining their overall wellbeing. The techno-savvy new generation can quickly adapt and greatly benefit from telemedicine amidst the current pandemic and after that, with minimal cost and maximum benefits.

Abbreviations: WHO: World Health Organization; ICD-11: International Classification of Diseases; APA: American Psychological Association

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