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Trends in Telemedicine & E-health

Hand and Gesture Module for Enabling Contactless Surgery

Submission: August 27, 2021Published: September 24, 2021


Nowadays, there are many new approaches and techniques in telemedicine and surgery with different kinds of innovations and a growing need for contactless control of surgery parameters. Our proposal is aiming to resolve the problem of standard surgical parameters with gesture-controlled surgical interventions. We designed a contactless interface as a plug-in application for the DICOM viewer platform using a hardware sensor device controller that supports hand/finger motions as input, with no hand contact, touching, or voice navigation. Our proposed approach enables surgeons to get complete and aware orientation in the operative field (which currently isn’t the case and where the problem lies), where ‘overlapping’ of the real and virtual anatomic models is inevitable. Human mind and understanding of this new surgery work by creating entirely new models of human behavior and understanding spatial relationships, along with devising assessment that will provide an insight into our human nature. That’s why the essential part of our solution is to build the adequate hand and gesture module for motion which we will describe in this paper.

Keywords: Contactless surgery; Hand and gesture module; Motion tracking; Spatial relationships

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