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Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology

The Stories of Bridal Fashion Wear “The Benarashi Sharee”

  • Open or Close Ismat Zerin*

    Department of Textile Engineering, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research, Bangladesh

    *Corresponding author: Ismat Zerin, Faculty of Textile Engineering Department, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research, Nayarhat, Savar, Dhaka-1350, Bangladesh

Submission: August 17, 2018Published: September 07, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/TTEFT.2018.04.000580

ISSN: 2578-0271
Volume4 Issue1


Benarashi sharees have reached the most sophisticated functions of the market, both home and abroad. Now these are the hallmarks of the todays bridal fashion wear. Bangladesh is famous for its most ancient itemed traditional textile called Benarashi since. This small-scale industry brings its fame due to its gorgeous, soft, sophisticated, exclusive heavy work and takes attention in bridal costume. Not only bride but also each woman in subcontinent especially in Bangladesh and India has desire to have one for her. In this article about the historical Benarashi sharee, its materials, manufacturing technology, price and some present difficulties regarding weaver’s condition and possible solutions are illustrated.

Keywords: Benarashi sharee; Weavers; Weave; Pit loom; Mirpur benarashi palli; Bangladesh

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