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Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology

Efficacy of Silk Fibroin Based Bio-Ink in 3D Printing for Tissue Engineering

  • Open or Close Manjunath RN*

    Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

    *Corresponding author: Manjunath RN, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi- 110016, India,Email:

Submission: June 11, 2018;Published: July 02, 2018

DOI: 10.31031/TTEFT.2018.03.000561

ISSN: 2578-0271
Volume3 Issue3


Today, countless peoples are suffering and dying from various diseases and one of the reason being the non-compatibility and failure of life saving drugs. In fact 90 percent of the new drug that are tested in labs, on animals trials which are promised to cure the problems actually fail in certain humans. Sometimes, the drug failures during human trials are tragic enough to result in rapid multiple organ failures making the human tester incapable from leading his/her normal lifestyle [1].

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