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Techniques in Neurosurgery & Neurology

Competent Treatment of a Hypertension in Russia

  • Open or Close Dmitrievа Elena Germanovna*

    Department Of clinical Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Clinic, Russia

    *Corresponding author: Dmitrievа Elena Germanovna, clinical Pharmacist, Pharmaceutical Clinic, town of Ivanovo, Russia

Submission: September 01, 2017; Published: November 13, 2017

DOI: 10.31031/TNN.2017.01.000503

ISSN 2637-7748
Volume1 Issue1


Cardiovascular diseases give death rate all over the world, therefore it is necessary to develop criteria of competent treatment of this disease. For today in Russia the diagnosis of hypertensive illness is put only on one measurement of a tonometer, that obviously insufficiently. Medicines from different groups of preparations steal up, but they only reduce arterial pressure, not eliminating true of an original cause of its occurrence at each concrete patient. Thus patients often leave in-home, not hospitalising in clinics that worsens forecasts of treatment and cured. For today, as not the indifferent person having an active civic stand and the expert, I regard such facts, as a genocide. Elderly patients have the right to live qualitatively, considering, that this illness amazes also the young.

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