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Surgical Medicine Open Access Journal

Tomboys, Puberty Blockers and the Great Anatomical Divide

Mister Seun Ayoade*

University of Ibadan, Nigeria

*Corresponding author:Mister Seun Ayoade, BSc (Hons) Physiology, University of Ibadan, P.O. Box 22325, Oyo State, Nigeria

Submission: September 07, 2023;Published: September 21, 2023

DOI: 10.31031/SMOAJ.2023.05.000617

ISSN 2578-0379
Volume5 Issue4


I strongly believe that every human being on this earth has the inalienable right to pass through puberty ESPECIALLY those suffering from gender identity crisis. This is because going through puberty can be the decisive factor that rids patients of this crisis. Let us consider the case of the famous female superstar Janet Jackson. Before she was a teenager, according to her equally famous brother Michael Jackson, Janet was a tomboy. She liked doing traditionally boyish things and Michael never feared she would not like whatever activity he was engaged in, unlike his other girlish sister Latoya [1] If Janet had been a pre-teen today, she would probably have been told by the self-important transgender influencers that she was a male trapped in a female’s body. She might have been given puberty blockers or might have had her breasts excised. After passing through puberty, Janet Jackson turned from a tomboy to a woman’s woman.

She would eventually become one of the most iconic and beautiful female superstars of all time-oozing with female voluptuousness, sensuality and sexuality. As an adult Janet Jackson so embraced her femininity that she utilized a limited image of her luscious and magnificent breasts on her 1993 multiple platinum selling album cover Janet [2] Is it possible for a woman to embrace and exude her femininity more than this? Megastar Janet Jackson also embraced her femininity by getting married to a man and having a son. [3] All these would not have been if she had taken puberty blockers or had undergone gender reassignment surgery. It is therefore my belief that no one should be deprived of that unique experience of puberty by being given puberty blockers.

Between anatomical males and anatomical females there exists a divide so great that current technology has been unable to fully bridge it. A consequence of this divide can be seen in sports viz- [4] (Table 1) apart from the discus event, the men throw further, jump further and higher and run and walk faster. All this is largely a function of the great divide between male and female anatomy. As for the one exception [in discus], it has since come to light that the woman who performed this feat [Martina Hellman] was under the influence of steroids [5] To treat gender dysphoria the mind should be bent to the body and not the body bent to the mind [6].

Table 1:All this is largely a function of the great divide between male and female anatomy.


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